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A Notice of Expectations of
the Interested Party

A Notice of Expectations of the Interested Party

This is the third prepared document letting the guest and/or interested party know what we expect from them as a student and member.

     With a lot of work on my part, I have decided that before we go any further into the Development of you as a member, we should tell you what it is that we expect of you in return for what we do for you.  I will go ahead and from here make it into a list so that you can understand from the beginning that while we are working hard for you, we want you to work just as hard for us.

01. Please be respectful at all time.  Should you not like something, bring it to our attention in a way that will be respectful while not making anyone look foolish or immature.  There is a solution to every problem if both parties act maturely and with respect.

02. Always ask questions if you don’t understand something.  Many of us are not mind readers and we won’t know if you are in need of something if you don’t ask.  We also will not know if you don’t understand something if you don’t ask.

03. Please keep in mind that more often than not, the Elders are using their own money to buy supplies.  Therefore we ask that you handle the items with care.  If you lose something, you could be hurting a newer student coming in.  If you break something, you could be hurting the group as a whole.  Try to hold on to all paperwork or booklets you receive.  You never know when or if you can pass them on to the next student.

04. If you should have troubles with a member within our organization outside of Temple time.  We ask that you bring it to the attention of the Elders so that you and the person you are having issues with can sit with us to see if there is a way to resolve the conflict.

05. We will want you to be an active member.  We are not looking for someone that will just sit there and do nothing while others are working hard to make sure we stay safe and whole.

06. We will enforce that you keep all secrets of our Organization.  Each group does things differently.  While THIS Organization is striving to have a basic structure for ALL groups to follow, we know that each group will have their own secrets.  We are not an exception.  We have our secrets as well as everyone else.

07. If you are member of another group like ours, you will NOT be allowed to be a part of ours.  This means that either you have quit the other group, or have given us some kind of notice as to when your ties with that group will be done.  We tell you this because you are not allowed to be part of more than one group at a time.  That is an infringement upon both us and them.  In the past, groups have gone to war due to a member being part of more than one group.

08. We expect you to be honest and upfront with us at all times.  As anyone can tell you, I am one that harps on my members being respectful, honest, and mature about all things concerning the group.  In the past, I have thrown my own life mate out of my class for being disruptive.  Even though I am the owner of this Organization, if we have a guest speaker or host, MY titles mean nothing as I give that person the utmost respect they deserve.  The same is expected of you.

09. The members of this group has its traditions like all other groups.  Ours strives on equality between its members.  Everyone here starts at the beginning and works its way up.  We don’t care about gender, nationality, or orientation.  We care about everyone equally.  We expect the same from you.

10. Everyone makes mistakes.  We are no different than anyone else in that we also make mistakes.  The difference between us and them is that we work with our members to fix any mistakes.  Sometimes we hurt others without knowing it.  Thus we as a group works with them so that they know what they did and what they can do to fix it.  We expect the same of you.  Once you join our ranks, you are part of the effort.  We expect you to assist us in helping each other.

Basically what we are saying is:
Be nice!
Be sincere!
Be respectful!
Be mature!
Be a person!
Be honest!

Just know that we will never ask you to do something that we ourselves have not done already.  You will never be asked to do something that will cause harm to others.  Do not lie or try to deceive us as you will be found out.  Trust ME when I say that I do NOT allow my members to be anything but courteous to those within our group.  What we do ask of you, we ask that you do in a timely manner so that others coming in can have the same benefits that you yourself will receive.

We strive to live in harmony and balance with the Mother and Father.  We can’t all act like bumbling fools because someone wants to cause trouble.  Be wise with your words.  Be knowledgeable about your actions.  Strive to live the 13 goals.  Live in accordance with the Wiccan Rede.

Be warned that for every action there is a reaction.  That which you do will either see you grow, or see you hurt yourself. 

Thank you for reading this document,
Reverend Stormy FireDragon
High Priest
Lady SpiritEyez
High Priestess

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