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Definitions You May Want To Know


Circle –

Sacred space created by directing energy into the form of a bubble, to protect participants from negative influences and to contain raised energy until the appropriate time of release.

Quarters –

The four cardinal directions and their elemental influences. The guardians of these realms are invoked to protect the Circle and lend their specific energies.

Athame –

A consecrated dagger used only for directing energy within a cast Circle.

Chalice –

A cup or goblet used to hold wine or water during ritual.

Karma –

The belief that one’s deeds are returned to them threefold.

Spell –

The ritual/ceremonial use of words and/or actions performed with magickal intent, for the purpose of manipulating energy for positive goals.

Skyclad –

The practice of performing magick or ritual in the nude. There is no sexual intent what so ever, but a feeling of oneness with nature which some claim strengthen the magick. Mostly practiced only within a closed coven and only by group consent.

Tradition –

A division or denomination within the practice of Wicca. They have specific formats and invocations for their rituals that define them. There are countless Traditions and more are being developed all the time. Some of the more well-known are Gardnerian, Georgian, Alexandrian, and Dianic.



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