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Definitions You May Want to Know Part 2


Cakes and Ale –

The sharing of blessed food and drinks during a ritual. Usually cookies or bread of some sort and wine, mead, ale, or juice. Performed to remind us of our physical connection to the Earth and to help ground after energy workings.


Clockwise movements in and around Circle. Participants almost always move deosil within Circle to promote positive energy.

Widdershins –

Counter-clockwise movements. Should not be used unless directed to do so. Used for banishing or removing.


The application of consecrated oil to purify or bless a person or object.

Smudging –

The use of incense to purify a person, object, or space for ritual use.

Asperging –

The use of water to purify a person, object, or for space for ritual use.

High Priest/Priestess –

The conductor of the ritual. Also the titles of the leading members of a Coven. They are treated with the same respect that one would accord a teacher or parent. During some rituals, they represent or even become a vessel for the Deity and at such time should be held with utmost reverence. Other times, they are addressed as Lord and Lady.









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