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Definitions You May Want to Know Part 4


Pentacle –

A five pointed star within a circle. Always used with one point upwards, and in no way associated with Satan. An ancient symbol predating Christianity and represents the five magickal elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit.

Chakras –

One of the many energy centers within our bodies. Each one is visualized as a different color, and governing a specific physical and emotional aspect.

Wiccan –

The practice of a peaceful Earth religion which honors the Goddess as well as the God, along with the forces of nature. The word originates from the Anglo-Saxon word Wicce means to bend or shape energy to achieve balance within themselves and to improve the world around them.

Warlock –

This is considered a foul and slanderous word among our faith. It is NOT to be used to define a male witch. It comes from a Scottish word meaning “oath breaker” and was first applied during the persecutions to slander and insult a man who “broke his oath to God”. In our community, it has come to be used to define a witch who has disregarded our laws and is basically shunned by all. NOT TO BE USED LIGHTLY.






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