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Basic Ritual Outline


Preparation of Sacred Space

- Cleaning and purifying the area

- Setting up the altar and tools that will be used

Purification of guests

- Smudging, Asperging, anointing, (one or more of these may be used)

Entering Circle (always enter deosil unless otherwise instructed)

Casting Circle

Calling the Quarters/Invoking Elementals

Invoking the Deity or Deities

Statement of purpose

- Celebration of a Sabbat/Holiday

- Honoring the Deities

- Energy work, spell casting, healing, etc.

Body of work (actually performing the acts for which you have come)

Cakes and Ale/Chalice and Plate

Thanking the Deities or Deities

Releasing the Quarters/Elementals

Opening Circle






On the Swift Wings of the Mighty Dragon.

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