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Suggested Rules of Etiquette


One wishes that no one needs reminded of this….however, please bathe or shower before attending ritual. Small rooms, many bodies, and lots of energy. PEE YOU!


Never attend ritual angry or seriously ill. It is not only rude to others, but bad for magick. Likewise, do not enter Circle with someone you absolutely cannot get along with. Bad feelings make bad ju-ju!


Be courteous to guests. Make them feel welcome and comfortable. If you are the guest, be gracious and be sure to thank the HP/HPS for inviting you.


Be on time! To do otherwise is abominably rude and disrespectful. If you will be unavoidably detained, call before ritual starts and let them know. They will let you know if it is better not to come at all since rituals cannot be stopped mid-action and restarted.








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