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Suggested Rules of Etiquette


Always move Deosil in Circle unless otherwise directed. Even in turning in place or passing an item, you should always go Deosil.


Once Circle is cast, you cannot just walk out. If you are suddenly ill, or absolutely must leave during the ritual, raise your hand and say so. Someone will “cut a door” for you so that the protective shield is not disturbed. Likewise, upon entering after casting, which, by the way, is seldom allowed.


If you are unsure of what to do or say during ritual, watch the others and follow along if you can. If not, simply remain quiet, still, and respectful. (Stormy doesn’t mind you asking questions!) It is better to do nothing than to step on someone’s toes. Someone will probably come to guide you when they see you are confused.


Never handle another person’s tools or books without express permission. These are personal, consecrated items that are not to be passed around willy-nilly.









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