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Come on in! Introduce yourselves! Give us a brief bio of who you are and what brings you to our group! Share with us your interests, curiosities, and knowledge and skill so that we may all come together in unity to learn from one another!

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Hi. I'm Kimberly, also known as Lady Rose and/or Lady Amethyst. I am a Psychic Reader in Las Vegas, Nevada and have been involved in the mystical world for as long as I can remember. I picked up my first deck of tarot cards at the age of 19 and have been reading them ever since. 

I learned palmistry from Jerik Daenerson in Jackson Square, New Orleans over four years ago. Jerik dedicated to the skill for forty two years and even taught twelve years of it in college, keeping up with modern research done on the subject of palmistry. I am very honored to have been one of his last pupils and keep up with the latest research on the skill in honor of his teachings.

I have discovered that I have a knack for astral planing, remote seeing, and high empathy levels. Limited telepathy is still something I'm working on. However, research is one of my favorite things, so if I dont know about a subject that anyone is curious about, feel free to invite me onto a knowledge treasure hunt and we can find some answers together!

Welcome to the Pagan Dragon!

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My name is Roy.  I am the life mate and supporter of Reverend FireDragon.  It is a delight to me to see him working so hard to spread the word of the Craft and all that it entitles.  He works non stop to make sure that he learns all that he can so that he can teach it to others.  I give him and Lady Rose my fullest of support and wish them all the best of luck with the growth of this site.

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