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Dragon Moon Temple

As You Enter, We Bid You Merry Meet!


Dragon Moon Temple of Nevada!

The Spirit Wolf Branch

This page will tell you some information that you need to know about the
Las Vegas Branch of Dragon Moon Temple.

Who runs the Nevada Chapter of Dragon Moon Temple?

Lady SpiritEyez WhiteWolf
High Priestess & Shaman

Lady SpiritEyez is the Co- Founder of Dragon Moon Temple of Nevada. 
She works with Shaman magic.  She has been studying all that she can so that she can pass on that knowledge to others.  She worked closely with Reverend Stormy in Las Vegas to obtain the well earned title of High Priestess of the group.  She works hard and she gives lots of her time heart and love.  She is a gifted reader that works at the Psychic Eye Book Store on Eastern in Las Vegas.

What services are offered by the Nevada Chapter of Dragon Moon Temple?

Dragon Moon Temple of Nevada offers a safe place to come and worship or learn. 

Below is a compiled list of services offered by DMT of Nevada.

A Safe Place to Worship!


Divinatory Readings!

Lessons on Shamanism!

Someone to talk to!

As services become available, they will be added to the list.  Thanks for your understanding.

How do I join the Nevada Chapter of
Dragon Moon Temple?

Joining a Chapter of Dragon Moon Temple is easy. 
Just look below and see how you can join this specific
Chapter of the

Dragon Moon Temple Organization.


Information to come

Please note that we do not give out how many members are in each chapter due to safety reasons.  We will discuss this information with each person privately so that we can respect the privacy and wishes of the other members.