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Dragon Moon Temple

As You Enter, We Bid You Merry Meet!

A Letter of Introduction of the High Priests and
 High Priestesses in the Area

                                     A Letter of Introduction of the Elders

Reverend Stormy FireDragon
 High Priest/Owner/ Founder

My name is Reverend Stormy FireDragon.  I have been on the Pagan Path for 17 years.  I have had many ups and downs.  I have had many triumphs and failures.  Through it all, I have worked hard to ensure that my Temple, my members, and I have been kept in safety.
There were time that I have worked with a group and times without.  Those times that I have been solitary was due to me having to evaluate myself and prevent myself from falling off the path.
I have earned the title and unanimous agreement that I do work hard for my students and members.  I was anointed officially as a High Priest around the beginning of 2001. I became Ordained as a Reverend in 2003.  I strive on a daily basis to abide by the Wiccan Rede.  I work hard to ensure that I follow as many of the 13 Goals that I can.  I also strive to keep within the 13 Virtues.
I’m proficient in a few forms of Divination.  I like to use most of them when I am giving a reading for a person.

My proficiencies are:

Taromancy (using the Tarot Cards)
Rune Casting (using the Rune Stones)
Auramancy (seeing Auras)
Oneiromancy (Dream Interpretation)
Tasseography (reading the tea leaves)
Psychometry (getting a vision holding or touching something). 

I’m skilled but not all the way proficient in the following:

Theomancy (foretelling events)
Dream Question (getting answers while sleeping)
Dracomancy (getting answers from the Dragons)
Sciomancy (Getting answers from the dead) Medium
Pallomancy (using pendulums)
Metagnomy (using magic to get answers)
Empirimancy (getting answers through experience and experiment)

I have many other gifts that I use.  I enjoy helping others when they need it.  My friends keep an eye on me for that due to helping to many and too much. 

I am skilled with herbs and stone.  I am great with Spell Crafting.  I have written quite a few articles for the Pagan Community.  I have written a handful prayers.

I work hard and am constantly doing research or creating the different classes and such that this group uses and needs.  We have multiple locations created online by me for assistance with learning. 
I will conclude with the following:

I work hard, study hard, and have a heart of gold.  I will help you to the best of my ability.  I just ask that you treat me with the respect that I treat you.

Blessed Be!
Reverend Stormy

                                     Lady SpiritEyes WhiteWolf
                                         High Priestess/Elder

Hi there and welcome.  My name is Lady SpiritEyez WhiteWolf.  I became a student under the instruction of Reverend Stormy.  I became an immediate student due to liking what I heard from him.  I have watched, studied, and gave input on some of the nice changes that he has made within the Organization known as Dragon Moon Temple for the betterment and improvement of not only OUR organization, but hopefully other groups like ours.

While he was doing that, I was hard at work learning my lessons and earning my place within the Ranks of Dragon Moon Temple.  Once I earned the status of High Priestess in the Fall of 2015, I started to pursue a passion of my own in the following of the Shaman Religion. 

As High Priestess, I am the one that is mainly responsible for your Spiritual Guide according to most traditions.  However, with the Welcome Letter, you should understand and know that we don't run by normal traditions.  I work hand in hand with Reverend Stormy and he does the same with me.  We work together to ensure that you get the proper education, the safety of your spiritual path, and the healthy worshiping surroundings that you need. 

My goal is to assist Dragon Moon Temple, you as an interested party, and the members that are already a part of our growing organization.  We know that sometimes things just don't work right in certain aspects.  We also know that not everyone is perfect.  We do hope that you are willing to give us a chance to prove to you that we are willing, able, and educated enough to give you the help and guidance that you are searching for.

I am a Psychic Reader at the Company known as The Psychic Eye.  I work there some nights and the Weekends.  I am proficient with the Tarot Cards.  I am also skilled in crafting Dreamcatchers.  I have other skills and tools needed to help you start your own foundation.

Blesses Be!
Lady SpiritEyez
High Priestess/Elder

Thank you to all of you that have read this page.  Lady SpiritEyez and I hope that you understand what we do and how we can help you start on your own spiritual path.  We don't expect you to do exactly as we do.  If that were the case, we would all be clones of each other.  What we do and what we can help you with is something far more important that how others that were not compatible with your needs does.  We run our own ways and how we feel that many organizations should run.  This is what has made a name of us.

To those that are considering moving to another area after we get started, please note that there is 3 other branches of Dragon Moon Temple that if you move to that area, you can locate and contact.

Dragon Moon Temple of Oregon
Dragon Moon Temple of Ohio
Dragon Moon Temple of Pennsylvania.

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