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Dragon Moon Temple

As You Enter, We Bid You Merry Meet!


   Welcome to the Introduction Packet!

This section of the website is dedicated to the Introduction Packet that is gone over with each potential new student.  together with a possible mentor, the interested party is talked with in length about what we offer and what we expect in return.  I believe that all groups like this should have something similar to help the new comer understand the validity of what we say.
Listed below are the documents that are included in the Welcoming Packet.  Should any of the documents fail to be in your packet, please inform us immediately so we can get you the proper papers.

01.  Welcome and Introduction to Dragon Moon Temple
02.  A Letter of Introduction of our High Priests and High Priestesses of the area
03.  A Notice of Expectations of the Interested Party
04.  An Open Line of Communication List
05.  The Ladder of Success, About Our Ranks
06.  A List of Dedicated Positions within our Organization
07.  The Temple Rules and Regulations.  A List of Do's and Don'ts
08.  The Rewards Document
09.  The Mentor Explanation Letter
10.  The Student Chart of Achievement

Welcome to Dragon Moon Temple!

     Hello and Welcome to Dragon Moon Temple.  Your interest in our Organization is welcomed with a warm heart.  The first thing that you have to do to become a member is to sit and talk with us so that you have a basic idea as to what we do and why we do it.  By being here today, you are showing an interest in the possibility of Dedicating to us.  Please note that this is just an introduction.  There are no fees or exchange of money, services, or anything else to be a part of our group.  That's not to say we won't ask for you to contribute to things like food and such for class and events.  However, we don't charge to be a part of the group.

     If you are ready and interested in understanding your path, then we are ready to assist you in taking that first step.  On your journey, much will be expected of you with regards to achieving wisdom and knowledge.  With the support of everyone in the group, we are confident that you will find our Organization nurturing, safe, and comfortable.  We want to help you learn and grow, both with us, and within yourself.

       We are open to new member who wish to belong to a group that is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, the craft as a whole, and the God and Goddess.  We grow daily in knowledge and skill.  Even after 22 years or more, I still lean many and wondrous things about the Old Ways.  We are proud to call ourselves a Learning Temple that continually strives for truth, wisdom, dedication, and love.

     We attempt to meet at as many of the Sabbats and Esbats that we can.  When we can't we have our own little gatherings so that we may pay homage to the Lord and Lady.  We also hold classes where we meet to study, learn, and council each other and our guests.  Learning new ways and different information on different topics allows us to grow all the time.  We offer you the same chances and opportunities that we had when we took our first step onto the path.

Dragon Moon Temple was founded in 1999 by Reverend Stormy FireDragon.  Dragon Moon Temple started in Colorado under the name of Dragon Moon Coven.  In 1999, the name was changed to Dragon Moon Temple under the mindset that it would be safer and sounder for all members to meet without fear of being attacked or harmed for coming to a Coven gathering.  Over the years, the change in name has indeed made a difference in the way both insiders and outsiders view us.  Since then, we have had branches open and sadly close due to the members moving and so forth.  We currently have a branch in Philadelphia PA, Gold Hill OR, Las Vegas NV, and recently, Atlanta GA.  We are hoping that with the new and improved way of calling out to new members, the new training booklet, and the new outlook on what newcomers can expect will see us opening more branches.

     We work hard, whether as a group or in our solo moments, and we expect the same of you.  WE DO NOT WANT, NOR DO WE TOLERATE GAME PLAYERS.  This is real life and not an episode of Charmed.  Your actions can positively or negatively affect other members and students of the group and yourself.  Therefore, we ask that you carry yourself with poise and decorum.  We aren't trying to be harsh, but sometimes we have to be, to protect ourselves from those that would see us harmed.  You are included in that protection.

     We welcome your ideas and perspectives, as well as, your thirst for knowledge and desire for learning.  All advice and opinions are openly welcomed so long as they are presented with respect.  All members of Dragon Moon Temple, whether they are an Initiate or a High Priest or Priestess, is valued by us and deserve to be heard.  What we do not value is disrespect and malicious intent.  Basically, we respect you as a person and we expect the same from you.

Please make sure that the following documents are in your Welcoming Packet.

01.  A Letter of Welcome and Introduction
02.  A Letter of Introduction of our Elders
03.  A Notice of Expectations
04.  An Open Line of Communication Letter
05.  The Ladder of Success Notice
06.  A List of Dedicated Positions Within
07.  The Temple Rules and Regulations
08.  The Rewards Explanation Document
09.  The Mentor Explanation Letter
10.  The Status Sheet

As a requirement of dedication, we ask that you attend the following:

You are to attend one Esbat.  You may choose whether to attend a full moon or new moon Esbat.
You are to attend one Sabbat.  You may choose which of the eight Holy Days you wish to attend.
You are to attend one class.  You may choose which class and when.

Please keep in mind that the longer wait to attend a class or ritual, the longer it takes for you to become a full-fledged member.

     By attending all three, you will have an idea of what we do and what you can expect to happen in future gatherings.  Your safety and comfort is paramount to us.  We want you to know and feel like you are in a safe and harmonious environment for your learning and worshiping ideals and needs.  We also want you to feel like we are the group for you.

     Once you DO dedicate, we will strive to give you as much aid and assistance as we can to ensure that you not only don't stray from your path, but you are able to understand what is being presented to you.

     During your time with us, we have different Ranks and Positions in the group that you can earn or step into.  The Ranks are due to your hard work and perseverance.  They are part of the Reward System that every group has.  The Positions are based off of your personality and gifts.  These two topics will be explained fully in later pages.

     If at any time during your voyage with Dragon Moon Temple, you feel that you have learned all you can with us, let us know and we can help you find another way to fulfill your needs.  If you decide you want to leave us we can either help you find another group to work with, or we can assist you in starting your own group.  The other option would be for you to go solo for a while.  Please know that you would be missed and you would always be welcomed back.  Any Rank you earned will still be there for you if and when you return.

     To end, we will not force or have you to do something that we ourselves have not done.  To do so would throw us out of our policy of:

In Perfect Love, In Perfect Trust, and In Perfect Friendship!

     We hope that this letter helps you in understanding a little about what we are looking for in a member and what we are offering.  The following pages of this Welcoming Packet will give you more information about us and those that we take into our care.

Blessed Be!
Reverend Stormy FireDragon, High Priest, Elder
Lady Ryomen WolfSong, High Priestess, Elder
Reverend Bleu Hummingbird, High Priestess, Elder
Lady SpiritEyez WhiteWolf, High Priestess, Elder