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                    The Mentor Explanation Letter

                                      The Mentor Explanation Letter

     This is the ninth document given to the student.  It will show who is going to work with them the most.  The interested party will know that they are being trained by more than one, but they are assigned to a certain person who will oversee their overall development.  The interested party must be made to understand that from time to time someone will step in for various reasons.  Usually an Elder will step in from time to time to help the Mentor.

     Hello again from the Founder of Dragon Moon Temple.  This letter is pretty cut and dry and easily explained.  As you probably have already read or know, the High Priest is usually the one that is in charge of the educational needs of the Temple or group.  This is still slightly so with us as well. 

     Though we walk our own path each person needs someone they can look to in order to know how to function within each group.  Therefore, as I am the one that is in charge of the group as a whole for their educational needs, I strive to pair each newcomer to the group with someone that would be beneficial to the needs of the person. 

     Basically, I will find you a teacher that would suite you best for your style and temperament.  If you are the type that holds back and I spot it, I will pair you with someone that will push you slightly harder so that you can prosper and be who you are meant to be.  If you are a fast paced learner, I will give you a Mentor that can keep up with your needs.  If you are one that takes longer due to having a medical condition that cause you to learn slower, I will give you a Mentor with skills in guidance for one of your needs.

     When it’s all said and done, we know that many will wonder why we have you do this.  The answer is, because we care.  We want you to be the best you can be.  We want you to enjoy your experience within the path you are undertaking.  We also want you to know what it is that we are doing and what we want you to do as well.  We want you to be able to spread the word about how we do things without looking uneducated.  We are trying to stop the stereotype that we are devil worshipers that are trying to sacrifice the virgins of the world.  The more you learn, the better the Old Ways and our former ways of life can come back to us without prejudice or harm.

     With that being said, I hope that you know that you can come to any Elder at any time should something happen between you or your Mentor occur.  From time to time, an Elder will step in to help with your lessons should we feel they are warranted.  If at any time, you are not happy with the way your Mentor is working with you, we will strive to give you someone else.  Nothing is written in stone.  If the Elders notice that the Mentor is slacking, we will fix it.  If we notice that the student is slacking, we will work with you until you are up to par with where you should be.  Keep in mind that if you are a slacker, you are hurting more than just yourself.  Until you train to your level, your Mentor can’t achieve their own Level.

Thank you for reading this. 
I hope that you learning experience has been as enlightening as my own.

Reverend Stormy FireDragon
High Priest, Founder, Elder, Owner

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