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The Student Chart of Achievement

                                      THE CHART OF ACHIEVEMENT

Wicca 101 has 17 items at this time that the student has to research.  Upon completion of each one, the student shows it to their mentor.  The mentor in turn, lets the Archivist know so that he or she can put in into the computer graph for that particular student. 
All the mentor has to do is place their Temple name initials into each box that is completed.  Once all 17 items are done, the Mentor will place the date that the last piece of work is done.  From there, again the Mentor will bring it to the attention of the Archivist who will put the completion date into the computer logs. 

This format will continue all the way to Wicca 909.  This is the easiest way that I can think of to record the hard work of the student with the assistance of the Mentor.  Please be warned that Student and Mentor has to communicate with each other so that the Archivist will know what is going on.  Generally speaking, the High Priest of the Area will be the one entitled Archivist.  If there is no Archivist, then the High Priestess takes the role.  The sole exception to this rule is if the High Priest or High Priestess assigns this position to someone else. 

Wicca 101 has 17 items
Wicca 202 has 8 items
Wicca 303 has 15 items
Wicca 404 – A has 25 items
Wicca 505 has 15 items
Wicca 606 has 29 items
Wicca 707 has 13 items
Wicca 808 has 11 items

Once the student gets to Wicca 909, the Mentor has to monitor the Student even more.  The student must work to prove that he or she is proficient in no less than 2 forms of Divination, 2 types of Magickal Ability, and 2 types of Temple Crafts.  Upon proving they are proficient, all the Mentor has to do is write the name of the Divination, Ability, or Craft under the number 1 or 2.  Again, when they get this information, they are to turn it in to the Archivist so that he or she may input that into the data on the computer.

There are numerous forms of Divination, Abilities, or Crafts that a student may learn.  If they prove proficient on more than 2, the Mentor just keeps adding to the list until it gets filled up.  Please note that if the Student learns too many in a short period of time, that they Elders may step in to question the Student and Mentor as to how the Student is doing it so quickly.

Wicca 1010, is in two parts.  The first portions of this is the Temple member that working on completing this portion of the work will have to attempt to draw a new student or member into the group.  The first portion is what we are working on now.  The new Mentor has to walk through a potential member with the Introduction Booklet.  They will be working to get that person to agree with becoming a member.

One that Mentor is finished with the Introduction, they are paired with a Student to begin their training.  The Mentor must be knowledgeable in the fact that the High Priest, and/or the High Priestess will be observing this portion of the Chapter due to the fragility of trying to get new member to join OUR Community instead of them going off and joining someone new.

Once a Student has completed the pre-requisites for joining, a Mentor will be paired with the Newcomer.  The Mentor will then receive the graph that has been made so that they may keep up with the accomplishments that the Student makes.

Wicca 1111 is now broken down into 2 sections.

Part A, is twenty things that the High Priest and High Priestess works on for the newly appointed 2nd Degree Priest of Priestess.  They student has to be able to handle harder and unknown things.  Therefore, they will not be given the complete list of duties.  They only know that there will be twenty for this portion of their training.  Once they complete a section, they will be given the next lesson.
Wicca 1212 is also broken down into 2 sections.

Part A, is just like Wicca 1111.  There are 20 things that the HP and HPS gives to the student going for the title of High Priest or High Priestess.  Once more, the student has to be able to handle the unknown.  They will not know what the lessons are until they are presented with them upon completion of the former lesson.
Part B of Wicca 1111 and Wicca 1212 is harder, but not any less intriguing.

Each student is observed from the moment they join.  During those observations, we will keep tabs on their work within and without the Temple.  Certain items in Part B, will be a part of their lessons for Wicca 1111 and 1212, but some of the lessons from the Elemental Lesson Plans can be done as early as Dedicate. There are some lessons that HAVE to be given to the student.  It can be done with something as simple as a homework assignment.  HOWEVER, they student will not know they have done the assignment until they complete the ENTIRE element.  They will not even be told how many are in each element.  They will only know that there is 5 Elemental Lessons that they will be working on throughout their learning time with a Mentor. 

Please note that the chart for the Archivist (who will be working hand in hand with the HP and HPS) will have a differently made chart than the ones that the Mentor and Student has.

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