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Dragon Moon Temple

As You Enter, We Bid You Merry Meet!

The Temple Rules and Regulations
A list of Do's and Don'ts.

This seventh document lets the interested party know what is and what is not allowed while attending our functions.  It will break down certain questions about what can or will happen if they break the rules.
Each group should have a set of bylaws that each member of the group must follow.  This isn't to be a dictatorship, but for the safety and protection of the group.  Once you set up your bylaws, you as leaders of the group must enforce them.  If your members run rampant, you can bet your group won't last long.

Whether it's a group of two or a group of twenty, rules must be set so that your members, group archives, and personal group information will be safe.  Thus, I am giving a list of things that I believe will help a group stay safe within its haven, temple, or wherever you practice.

Temple Laws according to Tradition of Dragon Moon Temple of Georgia!

01. Never raise your magical tool in anger to another.  Someone could get hurt or worse.  The backlash of raising a magical tool could also fall into the category of the Laws of Karma.

02. If you are going to cast spells, be mindful of how you do so.  The consequences of your actions could be detrimental to you and others should you not cast correctly.

03. Leave all your negativity outside of the Temple.  We do not wish the vibrations of negative intentions to harm our circle or the emotions of those within.  If you have negativity, you will be asked to leave and come back another time when you have yourself under control.

04. Our Temple door is open at all time to members.  However, being courteous and calling first is much appreciated in case there is something going on that will cause an embarrassing scene for either the visitor or the one living at the location.

05. Ritual is a time for worship and relaxation.  Class is a time for seriousness and learning. Should something or someone make you uncomfortable or upsets you, it is advisable for you to inform the person in charge of your dilemma.  When the teacher or host is dealing with the whole group, we may not notice that you are uncomfortable.  It is your job to inform whomever is in charge as to what is going on.

06. You are encouraged to bring a guest to ritual if you believe that person is mature enough to handle what we do.  We even encourage you to bring them to class so that they might learn enough in that one sitting to come back and learn more.  However, you are responsible for that person’s behavior.  Should something get broken or stolen, you will be held responsible for getting that person to make compensation for said item.

07. By Dragon Moon Tradition, the color white will not be worn to any ritual. Should the ritual be a Handfasting, or a Wiccaning, then you will be informed ahead of time that White should be worn. This was done in the old day and we honor that tradition today. During class, you may wear whatever is comfortable for you as long as it isn’t inappropriate. (privates showing etc.)

08. Dragon Moon Temple Tradition states that Ritual starts promptly at 9pm and class starts at Noon unless otherwise noted. We do not wait. If you can’t be there by the times set, then you can do one of two things. You can sit outside of circle and watch, or you can just come another time. We do this as some members work early in the morning and we don’t want them tired. We don’t stress as much on class, but remember that we have lives as well and waiting around for you is time that could be spent doing something else.

09. If you are in Temple and you break an item, whether a group item of a personal item of the home of the Temple, you will have to compensate the person or Temple for the broken item. We are a non-profit organization. Therefore money to constantly replace items is not forthcoming. Therefore please be courteous and careful when handling the items of the Temple.

10. You will show up for Ritual or Class clean of all drugs and alcohol. We do not tolerate people entering stoned or drunk. What you do on your personal time is your business, however when you are in the group setting, you need to have all of your wits about you. If you are stoned or drunk, you will end up getting yourself and/or others hurt. If we suspect that you are drunk or stoned, we will ask you to leave and then come to a consensus among the group if you will be allowed to come back.

11. The only “dumb” question is the one not asked. We do not tolerate people making fun of others for not understanding. Therefore, it is your job to be heard if you don’t understand or if you have a question. All questions are welcomed provided they are presented with respect. Just as all answers and replies given will be given with respect.

12. If you are attending ritual or class, please be courteous and call ahead to make sure that the group doesn’t have a last minute forgotten item they need. While it isn’t necessary for members to provide products, it does help when you are willing to donate as more often than not, the money for the supplies is coming out of whomever owns the Temple.

13. It is a Tradition of Dragon Moon Temple that all in attendance be barefooted during ritual. We do this as a mark of respect for the old ways and the Goddess. Therefore, make sure you wash your feet before you come into circle. Smelly feet in an enclosed space is not something we wish for. This is why we ask you to show up early. If in the event that it’s too cold to be barefooted, accommodations will be made. (Heaters, throw rugs under the feet etc.)

14. Please be mindful of the sleeves of your clothing. I don’t know about other covens, but Dragon Moon Temple has 5 different alters and all of them have candles and other things on them that can cause a fire if you aren’t careful. Therefore, we ask that you ALWAYS pay attention to what you are doing and where your clothing is.

15. If able, dedicated members are asked to arrive 1 hour before the start of ritual or class. This is to ensure that all areas are set up and that the one who is in charge is able to take a breather without overworking his or herself in the process. Keep in mind that while it may not look that difficult, that getting everything ready for those that are in the care of whomever is host is not an easy task. There will be times that the host will forget something and a member will be able to retrieve it or do it.

16. If a dedicated member is unable to attend ritual when expected by the host, they are to give advanced notice so that the host can arrange for their duties to be covered by someone else. This is a mark of courtesy. The more we all keep each other informed, the smoother a ritual or class will run.

17. The host of Ritual or Class holds the highest of authority within the function. All guests attending either a class or ritual will respect the Dragon Moon host and the positions of the members. On the flip side, members of Dragon Moon Temple will respect the position and authority of all guest hosts and teachers. Any disrespect will not be tolerated. If you feel you do not like the guest host or instructor, kindly excuse yourself, leave, and come back to the next function.

18. When we ask you to perform a task for the group, please note that it isn’t something that we have not done ourselves as hosts or instructors. We will never ask you to do something that is dangerous or outside of your skill level. We will also never ask you to do something that isn’t possible. Every task given will be completed in a timely manner. This will include homework, classwork, or ritual undertakings.

19. When in class or ritual, you are expected to assist in maintaining a safe and harmonious environment. If you see another member acting in a bad manner, it is your duty as a member of Dragon Moon Temple to either stop the misbehavior or inform the host of what is going on. The host will be busy teaching or running the Ritual and may not notice what is going on. Therefore, it is within your rights as a member to stop the offense before someone gets hurt.

20. All members will respect each other in reference to knowledge base and skill level. We here at Dragon Moon Temple do not tolerate belittling others because you know something and they don’t. All members are not at the same learning level. Some may even have disabilities which will cause them to be slower. Anyone caught verbally harming another for not being on the same level or knowing the answer will meet with the displeasure of the Founder.

21. Come prepared to participate. Ritual and class are not spectator sports. After your initial visit or attendance, we request that you not sit in the shadows and just watch. You will never get comfortable with our ways if you just sit and never say anything. We will not force you to do anything you aren’t comfortable with, but we ask that you try and be part of the group instead of an assorted groupie.

22. Dragon Moon Temple will NOT allow anyone under 18 years of age to attend any ritual or class without a parent or legal guardian’s permission. Minors wishing to attend or dedicate will be required to attend an interview with a parent or legal guardian and representatives of Dragon Moon Temple. In addition, if the parent or guardian still has reservations, they are welcome to come and attend a ritual or class so that they know what it is that we do and that their child will be safe. Also, after the parents or guardians meet, if a minor wished to attend a class or ritual, they must have a signed letter by the parent or guardian so that said parent or guardian knows where their minor child is. All parents and guardians will be given information pertaining to Dragon Moon Temple and its affiliates.

23. Anyone who begins to practice the lawbreaking activities such as theft, physical assault, etc, will be dismissed from the group and the law will be called upon you for your illegal activities. We do not have time for those that want to hurt, or take what isn’t theirs. We work hard for you and we expect you to be honest in return. We will not hesitate to call the police on you for breaking the law within our circles or class.

24. Per Dragon Moon Tradition, if you are caught practicing Dark Magic, (That is the intent to harm another with your spells or crafts) you will be dismissed from the group and wards will be set up to stop your magic from entering our sacred spaces. Other organization will be informed of your intent so that they can save their own groups from your misuse of the craft.

25. Dragon Moon Temple asks couples that join together to keep all of their personal problems and fights away from class and ritual. If the couple should separate, we ask that they either respect our traditions while within Temple, or leave. Should the problem persist where the couple continues to bring negativity to our door, both will be asked to leave until they can come in without being disruptive. It may come to us asking one or both to not come back at all depending on what is going on between the two.

26. If you are a member that is causing problems for newcomers to join, then we will ask you to leave until you reevaluate yourself and can work with the group rather than against it. It may come to us asking you to not come back at all if the problem is seriously detrimental to other members or the group as a whole.

27. If you feel that we are not the group for you, we ask that you be respectful in your approach. We will not hold you here if you don’t desire to be a part of our group, but we will not tolerate you being nasty about it. If you feel you have learned all you can from us, you are more than welcome to either start your own group, or go to another group that may be better suited to your needs. We will always be respectful to you, and we ask the same in return.

28. We ask that all members keep the private aspects of Dragon Moon Temple as such. While we are more open than most, we still have some secrets that needs to stay within our group. Every coven around the globe has their own inner secrets that must be kept as such. We are asking the same. Any material that you might have much be returned to us if you decide to leave. Others could benefit from the work done.

29. If you feel that there is something within our rituals or classes that is missing or you would like to see added, please bring it to the attention of the High Priest or High Priestess. Your idea or concern will be listened to with an open mind. Should the Elders of the group feel that it has merit, we will add it. Should we feel that it doesn’t, you will be given an explanation as to why it wouldn’t fit. If your idea or concern is not accepted, don’t be dispirited. All idea will be recorded and looked at again later for reconsideration.

30. There will come a time when there is something about our group and our ways that you do not like. If you come to us with respect, we will listen to your grievances and try and come to an understanding between you and us. Please keep in mind that we can NOT please everyone. Just like with everything else, there will be things that people don’t like because they don’t understand it, or it doesn’t make them popular enough. We work with people and help to the best of our ability. All we ask is that you be respectful in your ways.

NOTE: These rules will be added to, amended, or changed at any given time. Should they do so, you will be informed and a new copy of the bylaws will be presented to you for your records. The more we work together, the better the understanding will be as to why we do things a certain way. Your safety and health is our biggest concern. The laws presented above are for your protection. We ask for respect as we are going out of our way to not only respect you, but to assist you with your learning and spiritual paths.

Reverend Stormy FireDragon
High Priest/Founder

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